The international career of professionals is changing and redefining itself. International mobility is evolving with the geopolitical context and now, with the global pandemic we are suffering, it has been temporarily paralyzed by a health crisis.

The globalization of companies goes on and must be driven by transformation to improve the business world. Transformation of the model of corporate governance, mobility versus talent, risk control, new formulas for compensation, duty of care, changes in technology, social affairs, as well as the way people think and act.

The leaders of the companies in order to achieve their objectives, must be more agile and became more aware advantage of their most important assets, their people. Drivers of change and flexibility for the business are increasing, such as reducing non-essential travels and aligning with the talent strategy and enhancing the experience of the international assignment. Managing emotional salary is a challenge today for HR managers.

Actually, the new international mobility of workers is evolving towards new schemes, the virtual assignee and the international remote worker. The traditional assignments will continue in some sectors, such as construction, industry or logistic, where technology does not cover the development of their activity and personal relations. Commuters and short term assignment will be progressively reactivated when mobility restrictions between countries disappear.

The virtual assignment will be a key figure, but a strong analysis is needed to incorporate into the organisations compliance. It would be an option to attract talent although aspects related to compensation, tax, migration and labor and social security issues will have to be defined to give legal certainty to the model.

This is the time for the reflexion, this is time for managing the strategies as fast as we can. Change management is a critical issue for success in the times being.

In the end, an international experience is still enriching to grow professionally and personally.

Let us work to build an environment adapted to the new future, which despite of being uncertain today, due to the COVID-19 and the economic forecasts, will be challenging as long as flexibility and the implementation of disruptive and sophisticated ideas allow business to be boosted in the scenarios that will come along.

A positive message in times of the COVID 19.

Angeles González-Vigil – Secretaria General FEEX

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