Get acquainted with the mission, objectives and services of the Spanish Forum for Expatriate Management (FEEX)

FEEX stands for “Foro Español de Expatriación” (Spanish Forum for Expatriate Management). It is a professional, independent, non-profit association that was established in 2004 by Spanish companies that operate abroad and its main objective is to support its members in the international management of their human resources.


The FEEX defines its mission as to promote information-sharing among its associated with regards to their expatriate management practices and policies, the characteristics of the countries where they operate and the status of their expat professionals. It also defends its associates’ interests before Spanish and foreign agencies of all kinds in processes related to expatriate management.


  • To provide an organisation that facilitates information-sharing among its members and informs about each company’s best practices, with appropriate confidentiality guarantees.
  • To promote the development of a regulatory and institutional framework in Spain to support the international mobility.
  • To represent its members before both public and private organisations in relation to issues linked to the international management of human resources.


  • Advisory service responding to associates’ queries regarding foreign status, taxation, occupational and social security-related issues and expatriate compensation.
  • Defence of its associates’ interests, or those of their expatriates, before the public authorities.
  • Conduct of studies, surveys and reports commissioned by associates with regards to expatriate management and compensation policies.
  • Projects and activities aimed at increasing the association’s influence in the field of expatriate management.